Friday, 24 February 2012

A @PlanetPositive Green Beers Networking

So yesterday I went to meet to meet Steve (CEO) and his helper Antonia at Planet Positive to look at their new campaign for getting SME's to measure and document their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Their core offering is a 4-step certification process: 1) Measure 2) Reduce 3) Invest 4) Communicate. An environmental mark.

Not only have they managed to get C-Level managment at some really big UK businesses onboard to support the SME initiave, but they have also created a very easy to use package that will be launched in March. Do watch out for a new website coming shortly to

Afterwards I reluctantly agreed to join them for a pint at their Green Beer networking event at the George Inn ( meeting some very interesting and likeminded people. Truth be told, every time in the past I've gone to that pub, I could always remember how to get there, but not how I got home - well -ish. Luckily my gorgeus partner didn't make use of her Valentines Frying pan present on my head, but this morning it felt like, she might as well have done it - there is nothing worse than someone laughing at your headache at 7.30 in the morning.

Thank you to Planet Positive for a very productive Thursday...

Instead of feeling miserable, I went to the kitchen and cooked up a small hang-over cure. And when one find such a gem, one must make sure to share it :-)*
1. Hangover cure
Chop 2 onions into fine small pieces. Chop 2 cloves of garlic roughly. Add all to a warm frying pan (medium heat) with some Virgin Olive Oil. Boil water for pasta in a separate pan.
2. Hangover cure
Chop a chicken breast into chunks. Add to frying pan with more Virgin Olive Oil. Season with basil and pepper. Make sure that the meat is cooked through. Also, rather than taking the onions of the pan, I pushed them to the cold side whilst frying the chicken chunks. Add salt, Virgin Olive Oil and pasta to water for 12 minutes.
3. Hangover cure
Once chicken is thoroughly heated through ad one can of chopped tomatoes and more Basil and more Pepper. Keep on heat for 8-10 minutes or depending on when the pasta is finished.
4. Hangover cure
Drain pasta. Serve up on a plate with the chicken tomato sauce at the top, finished with a layer of parmesan cheese. Add ketchup as and if required.

In this case the "brunch" was served with a healthy dosis of Diet Coke poured over ice.

*) yes, I know, this is not a green meal, but it helped my recovery.

PS: As a test, I've put the pictures onto Flickr too:


  1. Hair of the dog my friend, hair of the dog! (though that does look good...)


    1. Thank you kindly - do subscribe for further last minute creations at this location :-)

  2. Love the random recipe. Will have to try it someday. Tonight I'm all about egg noodles with ketchup :)

    On another note--if you like random, do a search for my blog "the Tao of Bed Bugs" I could use a good word or two.