Thursday, 17 May 2012

All Travel leads to EmoR Station - Transport comments inspired by @HeathrowAirport, @British_Airways, @AllisterHeath and @DougRichard

Great minds has come together to create a major new transport hub for London: EmoR Station (With the sub tag-line of "All travel leads to EmoR")

Following the recent arguments for expanding Heathrow so it can handle all of Europe's planes, it has been decided that this ingenious model should be applied to all of London's transport: A real showcase for modern transport!

The Queen will agree to dig up the whole of Hyde Park and give it over to EmoR Station to be the central termination point for all Busses, Underground lines and Railway services in and out of London.

This station, in populist talk named "The Giganteum", will every day have over 8 Million Rail, Bus and Underground passenger pass through its doors. It will be an amazing display of engineering to pass all 8 Million passenger journeys every day from one mode of transport to another, but according to the developers "To have one place where all our travellers can switch to other destinations, puts us well in front of Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris".

Centric to this masterpiece will be the arrival hall of Eurostar, with its UK Border controls it will ensure that every single person passing through EmoR Station has a valid passport and a ticket - you don't need to be a Eurostar passenger to enjoy this service.

And to complete this feast of London transport; an army of British Rail mangers will be pulled back out of retirement to work under RMT's Bob Crow - Let's face it, strikes are soo much easier to manage if you only have them in one place...
What will finance this adventure? All the current land of London railway stations will be given over to the building of mini shards - developing the former Liverpool Street station, Paddington, Kings Cross, Waterloo, Victoria and more will help to finance the Emor Station.

It all sounds so possible, doesn't it just?

The London Heathrow Debate:

Has in my opinion recently been clouded some really silly arguments for expanding the airport, rather than doing some actual good for the traveller, the community and the financial development of the UK.

Spanish BAA wants it because they are not likely to be allowed to manage any kind of new Airport - or they would have to sell off Heathrow.

British Airways (IAG) CEO Willie Walsh only wants the Heathrow expansion because he is afraid that if it doesn't expand that he might have to share an office at Stanstead Airport with Ryanair's O'Leary. It could also be a calculated move based on the fact that it normally takes UK politicians 15 years to agree on  anything, and therefor he is protecting his landing slots at Heathrow by supporting an expansion that may never happen. (Actually, there is a  very good FT article where Mr. Walsh is more interested in developing a big airport than Heathrow - however, his message is clearly not reported accurately by the wider media...

Jokes aside: What is a big concern about the Heathrow debate are that no one is talking seriously about flying bigger planes, increase turn-around times through development of the current infrastructure at Heathrow or indeed develop alternative modes of transport like a high speed rail link.

Surely it must be cheaper and easier to develop a bullet train that will connect the five terminals with the two at Gatvick (could be named 6 & 7). And that it can also take travellers straight from Gatwick, through Heathrow and Birmingham onto Manchester faster than one can do by flying? The connection between the two London hubs could easily be faster than than that of travelling the travelators at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Yes, I know that the likes of City AM are objecting to a fast railway link out of London (this is the one thing I do disagree with Allister Heath on). Just look at how this country totally messed up financial development by initially ignoring important infrastructure developments to destinations such as the Channel Tunnel and indeed, Canary Wharf. In the process investors in progress lost serious amounts of money, because the management of "Victorian England" knew better than to support them.

And finally, even though Canary Wharf this week became the UK's biggest centre of Wealth Creation, all of the Heathrow campaigners still wants the finance folk to travel to end of the world (West of West London) in order to catch a plane - granted, Cross Rail will fix some of that irritation, but if one is to think big and think job creation on an even larger scale, would it not be better and easier to follow Boris's favoured model of a Thames estuary airport?

What we all know and agree on is that movement of people and goods creates money and thereby wealth. It is imperative that London and England gets serious about developing a new transport system that is build for just that purpose, such as a High Speed rail links and a Thames estuary Airport. Tfl and their task master has already proved that with continued investment, we today has a London transport system that is better than anyone in living memory can remember - We should not loose sight of that achievement, and we must not go for the half baked options that only serve certain individuals, rather than the good of all.

Ooh, and in regards to Doug Richard - he has been publicly sharing some real positive comments, so let's promote him to be the UK Travel Tsar.


  1. It has come to my notion that not everybody understands the comical intention behind the central London transport hub in Hyde park - just to be clear, this was meant to be a fun element to illustrate the insanity of the thinking behind landing all planes at Heathrow.

    Also, if you would like to read a more professionally constructed comment, please see Norman Foster's piece in the Evening Standard: Only a brand new airport can keep Britain in the game

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