Thursday, 1 November 2012

Live Chat with @amazon #Blog #Bezos

What should one expect when ordering an item from Amazon or anyone of the other online retailers - service? correct promise of delivery time? honesty? 

I've emailed Jeff Bezos directly with my complaint. Amazon Online Chat support "hung up" on me when I asked three times to speak with a supervisor - they were advised that this blog would be happening. And I have suggested that I should be making purchases elsewhere, rather than continuously be upset about getting a different and later date of delivery, once the payment has been taken by Amazon.

Don't worry, you won't miss the fun, here is the entire chat (not including the order number or full name of Amazon employee):

You are now connected to Kriszanne from

Me: I need my USB drive tomorrow and paid extra for the privilege - why then am I on completing payment being told that the drive will be delayed?  14:26:42

Me:Please help!14:26:42
Kriszanne: Thank you for choosing Amazon Chat, my name is Kriszanne. I'll be happy to help you. Can I have your name please? 14:26:54
Me: Mads 14:27:16
Kriszanne: Please allow me to apologise for the issue you have experienced with your order.  14:27:20
Kriszanne Dawn:Can you please confirm the order number so I can check on it?14:27:35
Me: 026-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX 14:28:01
Kriszanne: Thank you, I will check on the details of the order for you. 14:29:37
Kriszanne Dawn:Sorry to keep you waitng. 14:31:50
Kriszanne Dawn:I have checked on the order and Ican confirm that there was no delay in processing the order and the estimated delivery date we have for the order is 3 November 2012. 14:32:23
Me: That is not next day guaranteed delivery before 13.00 - that is two days. 14:33:23
Kriszanne: I apoloogise for this Mads, the current offer we have in the website is Want guaranteed delivery by Saturday, 3 November? 14:34:21
Kriszanne Dawn:Order it in the next 21 hours and 55 minutes, and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout. 14:34:21
Kriszanne Dawn:Your order is expected to be dispatched by 2 November 2012 for a delivery on the 3rd. 14:35:05
Me: And that is not OK - it is in my opinion false and misleading - there is only one next day, and that is tomorrow! 14:35:41
Kriszanne: I understand how you feel about this however please note that Delivery estimates we have for our orders are dependent as to when the order will be dispatched and not when the order is placed. 14:37:55
Me: Can you please put a supervisor on the line - I prefer someone who can understand the concept of "misleading and false advertising" - thank you 14:39:11
Kriszanne: I hope you understand that as we do not have all items in stock in one fulfillment centre we will endeavour to source your item first and dispatch it according to the delivery method you have specified for the order. 14:39:20
Kriszanne Dawn:Since express delivery means next day delivery before 1 PM we have expected your order to be dispatched by 2 November 2012 for a delivery the next day. 14:40:13
Me: No, that is overcharging for a service that you are knowingly not able to deliver 14:40:25
Me:With all the smart people programming at Amazon, it should be possible not to have false choices on the menu?14:41:23
Me:Manager please14:41:37
Kriszanne: I understand that, however please be advised that we currently do not have any managers available only supervisor. 14:43:23
Kriszanne Dawn:Please also note that they will also advise you the same. Dispatch estimates is different from the delivery estimates we have in the website.
Me: I am about to tweet and blog - because this is not the first time that Amazon misleads its customers, and I should not have to ask 3 times to speak with a superior! 14:45:43

Kriszanne: I understand your concern about this issue. 14:47:48

Kriszanne: I will try to check with my supervisor. 14:48:02

Kriszanne: One moment please.

Kriszanne from is no longer connected


  1. your browser makes your screen size available to JavaScript so that websites can render better, so it’s implicit that you’ve authorized me to grab this information.

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    1. Hey Vinay,

      I'm not sure that I understand your comment?

  2. That's really benefit of live chat that you can avail it with your issue but that lame excuse and misbehave of amazon is really not acceptable. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I do think they should have to update their service.