Wednesday, 22 February 2012

@UKTesco opening a new Branded store in Watney market

Why a Blog? Well it gives me the opportunity to express opinions that I couldn't possible fit into the length of a Tweet. Please allow me to apologise now, because I will still be displaying a number of dis-connected thoughts, that if read in a straight line will not be of interest to readers looking for specific topic related bloggers. On the other hand, I hope that my use of Tags will make it easier to search through.

Advertising or not to do advertising: It is no secret that I in early December 2011 went to the High Court and declared myself bankrupt (There will be much more on this subject later). I'm getting married in August and I have got a new full-time job, which both I am really enjoying - so everything is very well. However, the reality is that as a creative content provider I and more importantly, my employer has to rely more and more on sponsored content and display advertising. Hence why I'm trying it out, but not expecting great results from my small little blog :-)

Back to the headline for this blog. Note the Twitter inclusion? Yes, I do want to spread the word of every blog posted, and even better if I can have fun whilst doing it. Take a look at the following two pictures, and tell me where a brand misuse starts and stops? One of them is a new "branded" shop opening around the corner from a Tesco. One could mistakenly have thought that Tesco were moving their business into a higher circle of trading:

It reminds me of the Sony (R), who apparently managed to trademark the letters by making the "S" slightly taller than the other three letters, and thereby turning it into a distinct logo - that's the story I was told.

Quiz time. Personally I always get into trouble with certain Tesco stores just because of their rubbish service and management - last time I left the basket full of products on floor and used the exit, not passing "GO" - the last one included talking with the supervisor at Monument, who had clearly been promoted due to incompetence rather than being good at the job.

However, I do not agree with the beating that Tesco has received over using people on benefits, so here is a quiz:
In doing unpaid work experience, what's the difference between Tesco and The Guardian?
In all likelihood that at the Guardian, you get to make coffee for the boss, where-as at Tesco, you get to stack it...


  1. Fair enough with the coffee joke! I don't know how anyone could afford to do internships with the media, it costs so much money, especially in a city like London.

  2. Yes, unless you have parents that are willing to pay for it, you are not going to have much of a chance in media, and certainly not in London. By law, a company these days have to pay anyone willing to "experience work", the sad reality is that very few does it. However, in the discussion about the "Tesco" proposal, nobody mooted the social impact of giving a young and/or unemployed person something to get out of bed for, a place where they could get mentoring and at the end of the day feel like they actually achieved something.

    Part of the problem for young people wanting to get into media is the failed notion of that one must go to university to do so - this is wrong (my "educational" entry was a 4.5 year long apprenticeship in AV production). Unless you do History, English or political science - but not a media degree.

    I have myself been on both ends of the stick. When I wanted to get into media I had to work for free - it was the only way of doing it back in the 1980's. And in a recent job, I had to employ people. In this capacity I always favoured CV's from people that was willing to work either in a part time slave job (pub etc) or make loads of short films - this was always a good indicator for a happy relationship.

    Apologies for the long answer to your two liner - but it is raining and it is Tuesday morning :-)