Friday, 27 July 2012

A true pulling teeth out survey from #tfl, #aegon & #mayor for London

Hopefully this will help you save alot of time + bring a smile to your face.

An open letter to tfl, the Mayor & Aegon in response to their survey email:

Dear tfl,

There should be a law against these kind of stupidity long-winded surveys – this survey is of an epic Kafkaesque proportion!

Aecom and tfl has wasted time that I’ll never get to see again in my lifetime, and that could have been spent better on watching paint dry or the Olympic torch pass by.

Frankly, every single executive within City-hall, Transport For London and Aecom should be forced to take this survey – it is utter nonsense, and will provide plenty of material for stand-up comedians for centuries to come.

Couldn’t John M. Dionisio and his friends at Aecom (who only has one public account: investor relations – so they clearly don’t know how to use a computer at that firm – or they don’t want employees to use email…), could they not just have asked:
What route are you taking on a daily basis?
Will it change because of the Olympics?
And have we done enough to help you get through London?

If there ever was a reason not to ever take a tfl survey again, then this is a good one!!!
Shame on you for wasting other peoples time!

Have a nice weekend & I am actually looking forward to a fabulous Olympic experience!

All the Best

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